Microdermabrasion as we know it today has been around for more than two decades! Microdermabrasion is a method of exfoliating or removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Dead skin, oils, and dirt left on the skin can cause unsightly complexion problems. Microdermabrasion removes unwanted dead cells and stimulates the production of healthy new skin cells.

We use crushed diamonds rather than annoying rough crystals! This treatment helps to repair skin that has taken a beating from the sun, enviornment and the effects of aging and scarring. The diamond wand can be used around the eyes and the mouth area where the first wrinkles and lines usually appear. These critical areas can be abraded more accurately with a diamond wand. This is one advantage of diamond microdermabrasion systems over crystal systems. This mix of suction and gentle abrasion helps to remove the dead, outer layer of skin.

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