If the thought of wearing a swimsuit in public makes you want to go and hide in a dark corner, there are ways in which you can get a bikini body in a short period of time.

It really wasn’t all that long ago when you were sitting on the couch bingeing Netflix shows and scarfing down winter comfort food. In fact, you spent the entire winter making poor choices when it comes to diet.

What is so funny is that many of you spent your winter eating chili, creamy soups and sweets instead of eating vegetables and fruit. And now all you can do is complain about your weight gain on social media. This isn’t going to help you attain that bikini body you so desire.

What you need to do is take a little less time complaining and focus on ways you can get that beach body. Northern Colorado Laser and Skin, your Coolsculpting service in Fort Collins, offers these tips to get a bikini body.

Stop Snacking

Snacking, even healthy snacks like carrots and nuts, can stall weight loss and will prevent you from achieving your goal. Noshing on some healthy tidbits might not seem like a big deal, but when you are slamming several calories right before bed, it is not good for weight loss.

Instead of snacking throughout the day, sit down and eat three or four balanced meals a day. You will enjoy the results.

Skip the Wine

If your dream is a beach body by July, you need to reduce your calorie intake. One of the best ways to do this is to cut out alcohol from your diet. Just a glass or two of wine can add as much as 250 calories to your daily diet. And one margarita can have as many as 450 calories.

Shop at a Farmers’ Market

At this very moment, you should be cutting out processed foods from your diet and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables. The best place to shop fresh is at your local farmers’ market.

The extra salt, preservatives and chemicals in boxed foods not only bloat you, but they also make you hungrier for even more food.

Water, Lots of Water

Drinking a lot of water will keep you full and not wanting to snack between meals. Drinking plenty of water will also flush the toxins from your body.
Stop Meeting for Coffee

You should be skipping out on any activities in which you basically just sit there and do nothing. If you want to catch up with your friends, meet them at the gym or go on a walk together. You can walk for three or four miles and have plenty of time to get all caught up with the gossip.

Clean Your House

This isn’t very fun, but it will burn calories and it is needed.

Get a Tan

This has nothing to do with losing weight, but you will look better in your bikini if you are not pasty white.

Stand Up Straight

Again, this has nothing to do with losing weight. But the single most important thing you can do to look better in a bikini is to use good posture. Keeping your shoulders back and your head up will make you look confident and improve the curve in your back.

Pay Attention to Your Feet

Your feet have spent the winter stuffed into boots and heavy socks, which means they are not sandal ready. It is best if you treat yourself to a pedicure and spruce those feet up.

Reduce Stress

If you are feeling an enormous amount of stress, this isn’t going to make your body look any better. In fact, you might be stressing out about not having a bikini body.

Look for ways in which you can reduce your stress. Try a yoga class or have a nice warm bath when you get home from work. The effort will create a noticeable difference in how you look in a bikini.


It is summer, the time of year you can sit on your back patio and relax. Remember that the more comfortable you feel, the better image of yourself you will project. A confident you is an attractive you.

And don’t forget to call Northern Colorado Laser and Skin and schedule an appointment for Coolsculpting.