Now that the warm and long days of summer are just a distant memory and the hectic holiday season looms, you might not feel like heading outside to get a dose of exercise. You shouldn’t let that happen. You have worked far too hard only to backtrack over the holidays.

We are a big fan of fall, but too many people would rather sit around watching football and sipping pumpkin-spiced drinks instead of being active. Darker days, colder weather and seasonal comfort food all work against you and make it quite difficult to stick to your workout routine.

Don’t let all of the hard work you have done this summer go to waste, instead, create a comprehensive workout plan for this fall that will have you looking good all the way through Christmas and beyond.

Northern Colorado Laser and Skin, your source for Coolsculpting in Greeley, offers ways to stay fit this fall.


Yard Work

Yard work may seem like a chore you would rather avoid, but it is full of benefits. Yard work helps increase your home’s curb appeal and it gives you a great work out. Raking and bagging leaves aren’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it will burn hundreds of calories.

Go for a Hike

Fall really is the perfect time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. The air is fresh and crisp and the scenery is beautiful in the fall, so enjoy it by taking a hike. The cool air is good for your body and it makes outdoor activities more comfortable than the summer heat.

Pick Some Apples

You will use a lot of different muscles picking apples. In addition, you can create several tasty and healthy dishes with the apple that you pick.

Conquer a Corn Maze

Chasing your kids around a corn maze will get your heart pumping. Run as fast as you can until you hit a dead-end and then stop. Do this throughout the corn maze and it will help improve your cardiovascular endurance and increase lung capacity.

Fall Harvest

Fall is the season you reap the benefits of your garden. You spent all summer watering, weeding and fussing over your garden, now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Sweet potatoes, yellow peppers and carrots are all goodies you will harvest this fall. These are foods that are high in vitamins and will support your immune system. They are tasty, but will also keep you healthy.

Skip the Pumpkin Spice

Don’t look at us like that, it makes perfect sense. Perhaps you have never taken the time to see just how much sugar is in a pumpkin-spiced latte. We can tell you, it’s a lot.

While it’s quite fine to treat yourself on occasion, you should not be consuming pumpkin-spiced foods and drinks every day.

Eat Some Soup

Your mother doled out some pretty good advice when you were a kid. When she told you to eat soup when you were feeling down, she was right.

Homemade soup has been found to help stop the accumulation of inflammatory white cells in the bronchial tubes. The salt in the broth also helps thin out mucus, just like the best cold medicines.

Fall Sports Leagues

Many of the very same sports you enjoy playing in the summer are also offered in the fall, with a few additions. You can sign up for a fall softball league or a flag football league, or both if you are feeling motivated. It’s a social way to stay active in the fall without having to step foot inside a gym.

Ride Your Bike

There is no reason you should be packing your bike away in the fall. Take advantage of the perfect weather by taking a break from your vehicle and using your bike more often to get around.

In addition to being a great workout, riding your bike allows you to take in the scenery and the beautiful changing leaves.

Climb a Rock

Fall is the perfect time of year to learn a new outdoor sport. You should try rock climbing, it seems like a suitable sport for those who live in Colorado.

Coolsculpting will leave you feeling confident and looking your best. If this is how you want to enter fall, contact Northern Colorado Laser and Skin and schedule an appointment.