Massage therapy through treatments, like deep tissue massage at Northern Colorado Laser & Skin in Greeley and Fort Collins,  provides therapeutic relief to people of all ages and from all walks of life. From the competitive athlete to the home gardener, massage therapy offers a humanistic, non-invasive approach to wellness.

Once considered an alternative or fringe approach, massage therapy has become quite mainstream. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy with massage therapy.

Skin Care

Massage therapy on a regular basis will result in an impressive glow of your skin. This practice is considered one of the most effective approaches to taking proper care of your skin.

Improved Circulation

The long-term benefits of massage therapy cannot be underestimated. Improved circulation is a part of the snowball effect that occurs as a result of regular massage treatments. Proper circulation brings stiff, damaged and tense muscles the rich blood supply needed to promote healing.

Chronic Pain Relief

Sufferers of chronic soft tissue pain, including arthritis, degenerative points and disc problems, can find relief after only a few massage therapy sessions. People are surprised when they find relief through massage therapy techniques.

Better Sleep

A massage session after a long and hectic day at work is sufficient to eliminate the exhaustion in your body and help you get a great night’s sleep. After a good night’s sleep, you will awake refreshed, rested and ready to go.

Boosted Immunity

There is no better practice than massage therapy to endow your body with a strong immune system. Massage therapy helps in building protective cells in your body that neutralize attackers like viral infections and cancer.

Reduces Stress

Let’s face it, stress is something we simply cannot escape. And while occasional stress is completely normal, chronic stress will take a toll on your body and psyche.

When the body is under constant stress and pressure, it produces way too many unhealthy hormones which can contribute to weight gain, digestive problems, headaches and sleeplessness. Massage therapy has been shown to decrease the levels of these hormones in the body. In doing so, massage also triggers improved moods, relaxation and reduces stress levels.

Lower Blood Pressure

Regular deep tissue massages have been found to lower blood pressure. Long-term studies show that massage therapy can lower both systolic and diastolic numbers. Having lower blood pressure reduces your risk of a heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

Reduces Anxiety

According to sources, more than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. These disorders affect the quality of life and health, so relief is essential. Studies show that massage therapy reduces the symptoms of anxiety by decreasing the hormones associated with anxiety and increasing neurotransmitters associated with reduced anxiety.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation manifests itself in the form of joint pain and muscle soreness and causes injury. Studies show that massage therapy reduces inflammation and helps people recover from muscle damage.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy, call and schedule an appointment with Northern Colorado Laser & Skin today.