Don’t look now ladies and gentleman, but bikini and Speedo season is just around the corner. That is, for those men brave enough to actually wear a Speedo. In time, you will no longer enjoy the luxury of hiding those few extra pounds under bulky winter sweaters and knee-length winter coats. You will, very soon, be forced to wear breezy tops and shorts, exposing to the world the indulgence you suffered over the holidays. Well, we are here to tell you there is no need to suffer the shame. Simply make an appointment with your Greeley clinic for laser fat removal treatment. Indeed, it really is that simple.

It has been a harsh winter. It all started back in November when you nearly ate your body weight in turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. The horror continued as you couldn’t see all those leftovers go to waste, you have never utilized so many leftover turkey recipes over the course of two weeks. And then Christmas arrived and knocked you down again with pounds of goodies and huge family meals. You made a new year resolution to better watch what you eat, and them followed up that promise by pounding down 32 wings and a plate of nachos during the Super Bowl. And then Valentine’s Day came around bearing gifts of chocolate from each member of your family. That’s right, 4 boxes of chocolates that you consumed in a record 6 days.

But that is now all in the past. The time is now to dig deep and make that phone call. If you are hesitant, just picture yourself in this bikini at your current weight.