As with any major surgery, liposuction carries certain dangerous risks. Everything from a reaction to the anaesthesia to complications after the procedure could occur. This is probably the best reason for Greeley residents wishing to lose weight to consider laser fat removal. Here is a list of possible complications you could encounter if you choose liposuction.

Fluid accumulation– You may encounter temporary pockets of fluid that tend to form under the skin. There is the possibility that this fluid will need to be drained with a needle. Something nobody wants to chance.

Infection– Even though rare, skin infections are a possibility. A severe skin infection could be rather serious and even life-threatening.

Numbness– Some people who undergo liposuction experience a temporary or sometimes permanent numbness. In addition, nerve irritation is also a possibility.

Internal puncture– In rare cases, a patient may accidently have an organ ruptured which would result in the need for emergency surgical repair.

Now, beyond these risks, there are a few more things about liposuction in which you should be aware. Liposuction is not a gentle procedure, and you will suffer bruising and most likely pain. Think about this; liposuction involves sticking a rather large hollow needle in various incisions throughout the area being treated. The needle sucks out pockets of fat at great force. Some of the fat may need to be loosened up before it can be sucked out, so it needs to be liquidized with a solution. Removing large amounts of fat can cause problems, like a drop in blood pressure.

It might just be in your best interest to opt for a better procedure. Give us a call and we can discuss options.