Laser hair removal has been available at Northern Colorado Laser and Skin in Fort Collins for years and it has grown in popularity due to the benefits it brings to your skin. It enables women to go on razor-free vacations and keeps them looking great all year long. But there is this misconception that laser hair removal is strictly for women. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Laser hair removal is the perfect procedure for men as well, providing they man up and actually set an appointment for it.

Here are a few reasons why men need to utilize laser hair removal.

Ingrown Hairs

Men tend to have pretty thick hair, which can often lead to frequent painful ingrown hairs. And while women might suffer ingrown hair, they are often hidden along the bikini line. Men get ingrown hairs on the neck, chest and other places visible to others. Laser hair removal not only gets rid of unwanted hair, but it also gets rid of the hair that causes this irritation.

Save Money

Men love to save money, it gives then extra cash to spend on their spouses and girlfriends for anniversary and Valentine’s Day gifts. With laser hair removal, treatments on the back of your neck result in less frequent haircuts. And if you enjoy a smooth chest and back, laser hair removal means not having to dole out big bucks for fancy razors.

Also, laser hair removal will save money in waxing costs over time.

Save Time

Men with excessive body hair spend a lot of time in the bathroom trimming away that unwanted hair. There could be many things you would rather be doing.

Back Hair Will Never Be “In”

Fads arise quickly and fade just as fast. And fads can be crazy, like that time when mullets were actually cool. But we assure you, going back in history and looking forward in the future; hairy backs will never be fashionable. Never.

Not surprisingly, nobody has ever regretted getting laser hair removal on their back. No person has ever changed their mind and come to us back seeking to grow their back hair back.

We can also tell you that we have never had a complaint lodged for a laser hair removal procedure on a back. No wife or girlfriend has ever called in angry because their husband or boyfriend now has a smooth back, even if their boyfriend or husband has a mullet.

Improve Your Game

There are plenty of athletes who perform better when they have laser hair removal. Swimmers rid their bodies of hair to go faster. Cyclists and runners lose the hair on their legs to prevent chafing. There are a number of ways to improve performance by utilizing laser hair removal.

Look Good

Grooming has always been something that is expected of women. But this is 2018 and now men need to be held accountable for the way they look as well. Perhaps you need a trim or to get rid of a bunch of back hair, we promise it will be worth it.

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