The practice of removing undesirable hair is as old as civilization itself, but we really cannot pinpoint a time when we started removing our unwanted hair. It is a practice that doesn’t look as though will be going away any time soon. Today, technology has given us better and more effective ways to rid your body that unwanted hair. For example, our Greeley clinic offers laser hair removal, a painless and effective way to remove unwanted hair. But back in the day, other means were utilized for removing unwanted hair, and some of them seem quite scary.

It is believed the first parts man started removing his hair was on the face, and the reason was most likely for the purpose of cleanliness. Rock blades made from flint can be sharpened to the point they will act as a razor blade. Beard removal become all the craze when Alexander  the Great required his soldiers go into battle sans facial hair. This tradition stands firm today as most military men are to be clean shaven. A beard gives the enemy a way to grasp the head easily.

Native Americans used sharpened clam shells to rid their bodies of hair, and the Egyptians utilized bronze razors to keep their skin smooth. In fact, the Egyptians also used sticky paste and a cloth in a precursor to waxing. The ancient Greeks felt any type of hair, other than on your head, was barbaric and would use any means necessary to rid themselves of it. Julius Caesar would painstakingly pluck each hair from his chin every day.

In a nutshell, just be glad you have the option of using laser hair removal instead of a piece of flint.