Greeley and Fort Collins residents who suffer unwanted hair may be interested in laser hair removal.

There may be any number of reasons you are having trouble with excessive hair growth.

A distressing, yet harmless, problem many women suffer is hirsutism. Scientists define this condition as  women with excessive growth of hair. It is as simple as that. Places where hair may grow in these women includes the upper lip, upper and lower back and inner thighs. There are a number of reasons women suffer this condition including ethnicity, family history and drug side effects. Here are a few benefits of having that unwanted hair removed with our laser procedure.

For many, other hair removal methods cause any number of skin irritations including razor burn, acne and discolored spots. A breakout of any of these conditions is surely just as embarrassing as the unwanted hair.

Some people shy away from laser hair removal because they fear it might hurt. We assure you the procedure is as comfortable as it is easy. You may experience some minor irritation right after the procedure, but that will go away rather quickly.

Laser hair removal requires an investment in money and time which might be a bit of an inconvenience. But compared to the sheer number of hours you spend over time shaving and the high costs of razors and other hair removal products, laser hair removal is quite the bargain.

Stop living with that unwanted hair, schedule an appointment today.