While there are some women who enjoy an evening of running their hands through the thick hair on a man’s body, the majority will tell you they prefer their men, um, well-manscaped. That is, most women would rather spend an evening running their hands over a soft, smooth and hairless surface. ┬áNow, that doesn’t mean all you guys out there need to come in and have all your body hair removed. Laser hair removal for Greeley men is best utilized for those parts women want smooth. Though much of this is personal taste, there are places on a man’s body where hair is perfectly acceptable.

Well over half of women surveyed said they really didn’t mind a guy with a hairy chest. Now obviously there are limits, you don’t want so much hair that you need a stylist after every shower. A hairy chest is good, a hairy chest like Austin Powers is not good, baby.

Take this into consideration; over 97 percent of women not only like men with hairy armpits, they thought it odd for a man not to have hairy armpits. Most women expect men to have hair under their arms, so go ahead and skip shaving your pits.

Women also seem to embrace the hair on men’s legs. We are thinking this might be due to aesthetics, as most men look rather feminine sans hair on their legs. It’s probably a cultural thing. Besides, those hairy legs are great when the temperature drops.

Most women also agree that all men should keep the hair on their body in check. If you need to tighten up your look, call us and schedule an appointment.