To manscape or not to manscape; that is the question.

Manscaping has been pretty straightforward and mainstream for quite some time. This is evident because we see references to it in movies and more and more men are visiting their laser hair removal clinics in Fort Collins and Greeley. In fact, the demand for laser hair removal for men is pretty high.

But this got us to wonder a little more about male body hair. It is, after all, a discussion not heard around the dinner table or at parties all too often, and for good reason we imagine. But it is a subject that needs to be breached, especially when entering what could be a long-term relationship.  

Now, let’s clear a few things up right up front. Men tend to have hair on most part of their bodies and while some women like a hairy chest, those very same women might not like a man with a hairy backside. Other women might enjoy running their fingers through a man’s beard, but are simply repulsed by a chest that is too hairy.

The Argument for Hairy Men

There is one study that claims most women like at least a little bit if stubble on a man’s face, but prefer not to have to wade through inches of beard hair to find a set of lips to kiss. Since stubble, or very short beards seem to be preferred, we are awarding one point to hairy men.

Hair growth promotes the growth of bacteria and helps increase that manly fragrance, which happens to be a turn-on to many women. You will no doubt have little trouble finding a female who would love to spend an evening buried deep in a man’s hairy chest taking deep breaths and enjoying the warmth.

Why is a man’s smell such a big deal? We don’t know, but if a hairy chest can attract a female, we are all for throwing the razors away. Apparently, sniffing out the right mate is really important, even in our species. Therapists who deal with relationship issues report that couples who say they dislike their partner’s smell are in a doomed relationship.


When a woman stares into the eyes of a man, she definitely doesn’t want to see a pair of caterpillars staring back at her. What’s worse is the dreaded unibrow, which is as unpopular and outdated as the mullet. In fact, the majority of women surveyed, even those who prefer their men rather hairy, like neat and trimmed eyebrows. Which is a great reason to employ laser hair removal in Fort Collins.

Laser hair removal is totally acceptable and appropriate for this area of the male body.


There is plenty of research that shows most women think a hairy back is a complete turn-off. There is nothing sexy about it. So while you are getting your eyebrows neatened up, might as well have them get your back as well.


There tends to be a love/hate relationship when it comes to chest hair. While there are certainly women who love it and those who totally hate it, many think it is sexy when it is in small amounts. It’s your call, but we suggest since you are already here to trim up your eyebrows and back, you may as well make sure your chest hair is in good order.

Arms and Legs

Men are expected to sport hairy arms and hairy legs. Unless you have some other need to shave your arms and legs, if you are a swimmer, for example, leave them as nature intended. Research shows that the majority of females don’t mind a guy with hairy arms and hairy legs.