Were you aware that the human body has follicles covering just about every inch of our bodies? The only guaranteed hairless spots on our bodies are the soles of the feet, the lips and the palms of our hands. Yes, this goes for women as well. What this fact means is you are quite able to suddenly grow hair just about anywhere, even this embarrassing spots. This is why Greeley residents opt for laser hair removal.

So if you notice some fuzz sprouting in a strange place on your body, give us a call.

While hair on the upper lip and chin is typical for a male, they are also common places that females find hair. The cause may be hormonal imbalance, but the reason isn’t really important. What is important is that you want that hair removed as soon as possible. So show some love for your laser hair removal professional.

Ask around and you will find very few people, men and women alike, who think shoulder and back hair is attractive. Look, that hair on your shoulders and back isn’t helping you stay warm in the winter, time to get that problem resolved.

Just because your Uncle Joe has hair sprouting from his ears doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. Ear hair is not attractive and will never emerge as a trend.

When the summer weather heats up, open sandals and flip-flops become all the rage. Tis far better to utilize laser hair removal on those feet and toes than to suffer the embarrassment. This goes for men as well.

If you suffer unwanted hair, give us a call.