So, you finally decided to take advantage of hair removal technology, good for you. You have decided to utilize laser hair removal with your Greeley spa. It’s about time. Before you grab your iPhone and make an appointment, there are a few things about laser hair removal you need to know. So read on.

You are tired of getting up early just to shave. So you hit the snooze button and wind up showing up at work looking like you have a 5 o’clock shadow under your arms. Guess this was the wrong day to wear that sleeveless blouse. Now, you are real excited about having this procedure and saying goodbye to the razor, but you need to follow these simple rules.

FirstĀ of all, laser hair removal doesn’t involve casting a spell or other magic. The laser converts to heat as it passes through your skin and damages the hair follicle which inhibits its growth. You see, it’s scientific, not magic. The treatment uses a laser that is adjusted to both your hair and skin type.

If you love hanging out in the sun and spent hours soaking in it. But you need to abstain from sunbathing in the weeks up to your laser hair removal appointment as you can’t be sunburned during the procedure. So wintertime is a great time to get hairless. This also means you need to abstain from the tanning salon as well as spray tans and tanning lotions.

We have a few more tips to offer, so check back soon as there is more information you need to know.