Your palms are sweaty and your left eye is twitching uncontrollably, you must be going on a first date. Not to sound cliche, but our best advice is to not think about it so much. Of course, we also hope you have given it at least some thought. That is, there are just certain things you must do before you head out to pick up your date.

It’s important to understand just what you are in for and more importantly, what you need to do to be better prepared for what might come. Here is the best way to prepare for a first date.

Laser Hair Removal

That’s right, most girls dig guys who are well-groomed, meaning you have a better chance of a second date if you don’t look like a Neanderthal. So make sure you take a trip to your laser hair removal clinic in Greeley before the big day.

Clean Yourself Up

Make sure you look presentable, which means showering (and actually using soap), trimming the beard (if you are able to grow one) and running a comb, brush or at least your fingers through your hair. 

Social Lubrication

A beer or a shot of Stoli will do wonders to ease up your nerves, it will also prove to be the stimuli you need to ease into a conversation. Face it, you don’t talk much and when your mouth does open up there are more grunts, moans and belches that come out of it than actual words. A little advice, pleasant conversation will go a long way in making this evening bearable and perhaps even enjoyable, for her.


Always be prepared. That is, make sure you are strapped with the dating essentials, what we refer to as the Holy Trinity of dating. It’s simple, the three things you need on a date are chapstick, gum and, well, there are at least two things you need to bring along on a first date. Let’s not read too much into this, especially on the first date.

Lastly, make sure you bring your wallet and enough money to cover the cost of your meals, movie tickets and drinks afterward.