These days, everyone is the victim of stress, it seems as though there is just no way to avoid it. Your job is crushing your spirit and the people at the grocery store are really getting on your nerves, you are completely stressed out. You are also to blame for your level of stress. You are the one who makes too many commitments to complete in the day and you are the one who won’t go to bed at a decent time to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Like we said before; everyone is the victim of stress so we need to find ways to cope with it. One way to help deal with stress is to utilize massage therapy at your Greeley or Fort Collins spa. So when you are having a bad day, give your massage therapist a call.

Speaking of stress, here are a few things that will cause you to pull the hair out of your head.

Bad Hair Day

We all have days that no matter what we do, our hair is going to let us down. No matter how much time you spend in front of the mirror brushing, curling and dowsing with product, you will go to work knowing your hair looks like the back end of a Belgian Sheepdog.

Your Facebook Account is Hacked

Some fool hacked your Facebook account and posted some very questionable material. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you have to spend 20 minutes on the phone explaining to your grandmother that you were not the one responsible for those rude comments made on her page.

Visiting Mother-in-Law

You get along well enough with your mother-in-law, but when she visits and stays for two weeks, that is going to cause you some serious stress. You might want to consider sending her to the spa for a makeover to get her out of your hair for a few hours.

The Office Printer

There is enough stress at the office without the printer acting dodgy. Your boss is being extra grumpy today and you spilled coffee on your favorite tie, the last thing you need is for the printer to fail when you need those reports printed yesterday.

One major source of stress is the people you work with. While most of your office mates are quite cool and pleasant to be around, there is a handful who simply drive you up the wall and stress you out.

The Interrupter

Regardless of who you are talking to or the subject matter, the interrupter will approach and butt in. They are the type of person who will answer questions to other people, you can’t have a private conversation without them being a part of it.

The Unwanted Therapist

This is the coworker who is always eavesdropping, the one who listens in on your conversations and insists on giving you advice. Whether it’s professional or personal, they are the expert and feel you should listen to them. They will offer advice on relationships even though they have had three failed marriages.

The Out-of-Office E-Mailer

You decide to take few days vacation to, well, to relax and ease your stress. The problem is that guy who still sends you work-related emails and expects responses. This is especially annoying as your personal smartphone receives your work emails.

The In-Person E-Mail Follow-Up Guy

This is the person who shows up at your desk after every email you send to follow up. It seems as though simply emailing back is not an option, they insist on following up on your email by walking over to you and being totally disruptive.

Speaker On Guy

This is the person who takes any and all calls, personal and professional, with the speaker on. This is especially stressful as they reside in the cubicle right next to you. Things get really awkward when he has his wife on speaker and a fight breaks out between them.

The Bathroom Talker

There are few places at work where you can enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet, the bathroom is one of those places. But this peace is shattered when you are in the stall next to bathroom talker guy. You don’t want to hear about his business when you are taking care of your business.