You might be a staunch believer in equality, but you also know that a book can indeed be judged by its cover. Nobody in their right mind can refute the power of appearances.

Now, the second you lay eyes on somebody, you draw several conclusions about them, no matter how hard you try not to. These are conclusions that don’t go away the second you stop shaking their hand. No indeed, these are conclusions you have drawn that will be hard to shake for many years.

When the conclusions you draw by a person’s appearance are positive, you will also assume that other aspects of this person are positive as well. Look, you can’t help it, that is just how we are wired. There is just no way to stop this snowball effect.

As much as you won’t want to believe this, there are several benefits in looking your best. Benefits that aren’t just assumptions or common sense, but ones that are supported by studies and science.

So if you are avoiding aesthetic or injection services because you are afraid people might think you are too vain, you might want to rethink. Any service that makes you look better and feel better about yourself is full of benefits.

Northern Colorado Laser and Skin, your medical spa in Greeley and Fort Collins, offers the benefits of being good looking.

Expanded Network

One of the best benefits of being attractive is the ability to expand your network personally and professionally. This is important because it is through networking that we meet interesting and influential people. Meeting these people can make your personal and professional life better.

Greater Credibility

If you are perceived as more attractive you are also regarded as being more reliable and credible than your peers who happen to be less attractive. And while this is nearly impossible to quantify, there was a study that showed attractive people who are perceived as having a sense of purpose to their lives actually live and act to their conscience and will. Which, in turn, lends them a greater degree of credibility in the eyes of others.

More Persuasive

If you are going to get into an argument with someone who is more attractive than you, they could wind up changing your mind. Some studies have shown that being attractive is more than enough to be more persuasive. This might be why you don’t see unattractive people in commercials trying to sell you perfume, shoes or cars.

Higher Salaries

If you ask the attractive person you sit next to at work how much they are making, chances are it is more than you. At least, that is what a recent study concluded. The study sent out identical resumes that included a picture of the applicant. You guessed it, the more attractive applicants were offered higher starting salaries.

Second Interview

You can rely on your strengths and persistence to land that all-important first interview, but getting a second interview tips in your favor if you are attractive.

Higher Self-Esteem

Not surprisingly, with all of the advantages attractive people enjoy, they also have higher self-esteem. With all of the benefits of being attractive, it is of little wonder that they think of themselves as more fortunate than their less attractive peers.

More Desired

There are books written about mate selection and attractiveness. And we guarantee you already know the ending to them. On looks alone, we prefer partners who are more beautiful. That does assume, of course, that everything else is equal.

More Confident

Appearances can be deceiving. Just because you are good looking, this doesn’t mean you are more confident in life. However, research has shown that less attractive people suffer from under-confidence.

More Loyal

Attractive people in managerial positions tend to enjoy more loyalty from those beneath them. This political edge gives good looking people an advantage in the workplace. This is the reason why some politicians seek out good looking candidates for their campaigns.

More Clever

People who consider themselves above average in the looks department will also be perceived to be more clever. Good looking and smart, some people have all the luck.

Aesthetic and injection services at Northern Colorado Laser and Skin will have you feeling better about yourself and looking better. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today.