We often think that getting a massage is just a way we pamper ourselves, it’s a luxury. We view massages as a reward, as an indulgence and a way to spoil ourselves. But you just might be pleasantly surprised to learn about the many health benefits associated with receiving a massage. Massage is a form of therapy that can address any number of conditions. That is, now you have a legitimate reason to give us a call and schedule that massage without feeling a bit of guilt. Because, after all, you are doing it for your health.

Massage therapy can help you manage and reduce stress. While this bit of information is hardly breaking news, keep in mind that stress is directly related to a wide variety of health issues, it brings your down. Any number of conditions pop up when you become overly stressed. When there is too much stress in our lives, our bodies release hormones that help us react to the situation. But the problem with this reaction is it can become prolonged, which then makes it hard for you to relax. Massage releases endorphins, your body’s feel good chemical, which helps you to calm down.

Prescription painkiller overdoses kill more Americans than cocaine and heroin combined. How is that for a shocking statement? We do hop to have captured your attention. It is estimated that 45 people die per day from misuse of prescribed medications. Massage is a much better way to help manage your pain. Let’s face it, getting hooked on massage therapy isn’t life threatening and cannot be misused or abused.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy, give us a call and schedule an appointment. We also offer Greeley residents other treatments to better your quality of life like skin rejuvenation treatments, laser hair removal and laser fat removal. Call us with any questions.