Uneven skin tone, sun damage and sagging are three common skin problems that you can’t find solutions to in a bottle. Even drinking 12 cups of water per day, using the strongest SPF products and caking moisturizer on your face aren’t enough to stave off the effects of aging. However, skin rejuvenation treatments available at your Greeley  Laser and Skin clinic will reverse the effects of time and leave you with healthier and brighter skin. Here are a few other benefits you will enjoy when you utilize our many skin treatment therapies.

Treatments like Dermapro and Dermaplane don’t require you to stay any longer than the length of time it takes to complete the procedure. That is, overnight stays are not required, so you can get on wth your day. In addition, the overall healing time is considerably shorter than outdated procedures and you will see better results in a shorter period of time.

These resurfacing treatments are remarkable as they provide an even skin tone. Your skin will appear smoother with the production of new collagen promoting a healthy glow. The increased collagen also improves sagging and wrinkles, making your look years younger and feeling great about how you see yourself. After treatment, you will notice reduced pore size as well as a reduction in skin blemishes. Best of all, these treatments can be performed on any type of skin.

With benefits like these, there really is no reason you aren’t rushing to your phone this very moment to give us a call.