top-bannerBetween a hectic work schedule and having to take care of kids or even your husband, there are plenty of reasons to take the day off and pamper yourself at your Fort Collins or Greeley spa. Spending time at a spa offers a plethora of benefits and if you don’t already have a good reason to pamper yourself, you certainly will after learning what a spa day can do for your body and mind. It is important for you to take time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself and a day at the spa is a perfect way.

Take a Break

Sure, your life is busy with work and family, but you are probably still stuck in a boring routine. That is, you get up at the same time every day, feed the kids and send them to school, rush off to your stressful job, come home and fix dinner, watch some television and go to bed. You wake up the next day and start the whole process over again.

A day at the spa is a refreshing change from the daily grind. Free yourself from the monotony of your busy schedule to indulge in treatments that feel good and help you relax.

Reduce Stress

There are several studies that show facials and massage therapy reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. When cortisol levels drop, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure drops.

Boosts Immunity

By reducing stress hormones, and stress itself, your body increases the number of natural killer cells that just happen to be the first line of defense against invaders that make you sick. In other words, a day at the spa can boost your immunity, leaving you less susceptible to colds and the flu.

Pain Relief

Whether you get headaches all too often or muscular pains that won’t go away, massage has been shown to significantly decrease the pain you suffer. Researchers found that massage affects the activity of certain genes, directly reducing inflammation in muscles. Basically, getting a massage has the same effect on the body as taking an aspirin or other pain relievers, without the side effects.

Massage also eases pain in other ways. For example, in increases blood flow to the sore areas of your body and stiff joints, which are immediately warmed by the extra circulation. There is also growing evidence that a good massage can help relieve chronic pain.

Better Mood

As if the above benefits of massage aren’t enough, a day at the spa will also put you in a better mood. Let’s face it, a good massage will make anyone feel better. During a massage, the feel-good chemicals in your brain, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, increase, leaving you feeling happy.

Relieve PMS Symptoms

Visiting your spa for a facial or massage is a good way to relieve PMS symptoms. Studies have shown that visiting a spa for a massage can reduce a variety of PMS symptoms including water retention, pain and mood swings.

It’s about time you take a day off to be pampered.