As a provider of laser tattoo removal in Greeley, we meet patients every month with a keen interest in having a tattoo removed. And while each tattoo has an origin that is likely storied and unique, we are often surprised that the reasons for having a tattoo removed are often the same. When you pay us a visit the first time, you might feel a little shame and be self-conscious about the reason you are here, but that is to be expected. You can gain comfort from knowing that you will soon belong to a community of people growing by the month, a community of people who have had tattoos removed. Here are the top reasons people opt to have a tattoo removed. Some day soon, you too will tell your story to those who care to listen.

Over 25 percent of people have a tattoo removed of someone’s name, initials or other ink on their body that represents a past love interest. You see, while tattoos are forever, your relationships are often only temporary. Just thinking about that tattoo of your ex’s name boldly scripted on your arm can trigger feelings of anger or despair. Tears are often shed when removing such a tattoo, especially if the break up was rather recent. But fret not our friend, when you meet the next love of your life, you will be glad that tattoo is gone and so will your new-found love interest.

Speaking of new love interests, the next best reason to have a tattoo removed is due to entering into a new relationship. As you know, tattoos come to fruition through a renewed sense of awareness and aspirations, which are also the reasons we desire to rid ourselves of some tattoos. So, that demon tattoo holding a guitar that represented your love of death metal music has run full circle. That is, you have moved on and now focus on a different genre of music. So that old tattoo represents something you used to admire, but not so much anymore, so it must go. Besides, the new girlfriend hates it.

Even if you haven’t met the girl of your dreams, you are well-aware that your demon tattoo is likely keeping the women at bay. In removing that tattoo, you send the right signal to the single women of Greeley.
While work culture has become less rigid over the last several years, there is still a stigma attached to tattoos, especially bad tattoos. If you feel your tattoo could be an obstacle to landing a job or a setback when trying to get promoted, then having it removed is a good idea. After all, there are still plenty of companies that do not permit tattoos on the neck, hands or lower arms.

Our experiences shape just who we are and who we are in the process of becoming. So your favorite band or television show 20 years ago isn’t the same as it is now because your sensibilities have changed. So even though that tattoo represented who you were 20 years ago, it probably doesn’t anymore.

What is your reason for having that tattoo removed? #tattooremovalgreeley