There are any number of reasons you would pay a visit to your local spa, including laser hair removal at our Fort Collins location or tattoo removal in Greeley. Let’s take a closer look at these two issues.

While waxing and shaving remain two popular ways to rid yourself that unwanted hair, laser hair removal will prove to be the superior way to permanently remove that hair. Laser hair removal has been proven an extremely effective way to remove unwanted hair without side effects. The procedure itself is relatively painless with only mild discomfort. Laser hair removal is also a shorter procedure than other methods including electrolysis. In short, laser hair removal is the choice when you desire permanent removal of your unwanted hair.

When people get a bad tattoo, they will want it removed at some point. Getting a tattoo these days seems to be a rite of passage. But what happens when that neck tattoo, which seemed like an awesome idea at the time, is hindering your career or difficult to hide when meeting your fiancee’s parents? ┬áHaving that tattoo removed will give you a much better appearance for that job interview and cast you in a positive light when meeting your fiancee’s parents. If you have a tattoo that is hindering your positive progression in life, then having it removed is a viable option.

Men and women alike suffer from unwanted hair and bad tattoos. If you desire permanent hair removal or the removal of a bad tattoo, you know just where to go.