The reason most people get tattoos is that they want other people to see them. If someone tells you something different, don’t believe them. Tattoos are works of art and the body is a beautiful canvas.

Most people feel that tattoos are an outward manifestation of our inner selves and interests. Besides, tattoos look cool.

That said, not all tattoos are works of art and not all tattoos look cool. In fact, some tattoos don’t look cool at all. And there are tattoos that people are going to frown upon and tattoos that could get you fired from your job.

No kidding.

There are also really great tattoos that for whatever reason need to be covered up for a particular occasion. For example, you might want to hide that demon tattoo when you are taking communion at the church you attend.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to cover up a tattoo. If you wish to cover a tattoo because it is just plain bad, save yourself a lot of time, money and frustrations and just have it removed. Northern Colorado Laser and Skin, your laser tattoo removal service in Greeley, would be more than happy to remove that bad tattoo.

But if this is not an option for you, then you will need to find another way to cover that tattoo. Here are a few ideas.

Let Your Hair Down

The easiest way to hide that tattoo on the back of your neck is by having your hair cover it up. If you already have shoulder-length hair, you are all set. If not, then you need to skip a few trips to the barber shop or beauty salon.

The reason why this is such a great way to cover up a tattoo is that it takes literally no effort on your part.


If you have tattoos on your legs or ankles, you can cover them up with a pair of tights. This accomplishes two things: You cover up your leg or ankle tattoos and you look super cute in your tights.

The only drawback to this way of covering a tattoo is that most guys can’t pull off wearing tights. Most guys won’t even give it a shot.

High Tops

Bad ankle tattoos (have you ever seen a good ankle tattoo?) can be hidden with a pair of high-top sneakers. Converse Chuck Taylor high tops do a wonderful job hiding ankle tattoos and they are totally stylish as well.

ACE Bandage

When all else fails, use an ACE bandage to hide that tattoo on your wrist, arm, ankle or leg. It is a huge risk to fake an injury, but if you are desperate to hide a tattoo, it is well worth the effort.

If you don’t do a good job selling the injury part, you wind up looking like a fool with an ACE bandage wrapped around your arm or leg.

Put It Somewhere Hideable

If you have the foresight, you could have your tattoo placed on your body in a location nobody is likely to see or that is easily hidden.

Having your tattoo placed on the top of your foot or on your ribs means that it is concealed most of the time. You can also have a tattoo placed on the side of your finger so it is constantly hidden by your other fingers.

You can have your tattoo placed behind your ear because nobody looks behind your ear. And there are other places that people rarely see where you can hide a tattoo.


One of the best ways to keep tattoos located on your neck or shoulders hidden is with a scarf or scarves. If it’s not cold out, you can drape a lightweight scarf over your neck. If anything, it looks like you are just being super stylish.

You could go all out, like Meat Loaf or Stephen Tyler and drape scarves on various body parts. If that is something you think will work for you.

The best way to deal with a bad tattoo or a tattoo you no longer wish for others to see is to simply have it removed. Give Northern Colorado Laser and Skin a call today and schedule your appointment for laser tattoo removal.