There are any number of reasons you may wish to get a tattoo, just as there are many reasons not to get a tattoo. One reason not to get a tattoo is you won’t have to suffer a Greeley tattoo removal service in later in life. Here are few more reasons not to get that tattoo.


There was once a time when very few people had tattoos and were looked upon as exotic. Nowadays, there is a tattoo parlour on seemingly every corner. There are more tattoo shops than 7-11s and liquor stores combined in some cities. The tribal tattoo and tramp stamp are examples on just how blase tattoos have become.

There was a time when having a tattoo made you cool or edgy, a rebel even. But let’s face it, middle-aged professionals, stay-at-home dads and even your mother have tattoos these days. And getting that tribal tattoo you were thinking about won’t get you the reaction you want.

All too often, you get what you pay for. With so many tattoo parlours open and so many tattoo artists, the odds that you wind up with a bad tattoo has increased. You might think $100 is a great deal for a tattoo, but it will cost you just as much when you get it removed because it looks so bad.

Next time you are at work or at the store even, take a look around to see who is sporting a tattoo. Yep, there are a lot of them out there. In fact, in some case those without tattoos are the minority.

So think twice before to commit.