If tattoos are the mark of an era, a declaration of loss, love or a victory of some sort, then tattoo removal in Greeley is all about regert, er, regret. Those accomplishments, relationships and everything else you felt the need to eternally brand on your body are now almost foreign to you. That is, you would likely have completely forgotten her name if not for the fact it was tattooed to your arm.

And if you think you are the only person with tattoo regret, think again. More and more people are flocking to spas to get their tattoos removed, and it’s not just for the older generation as a good number of millennials are opting for this procedure. In fact, demand for laser tattoo removal is at an all time high, and will likely continue to grow in the foreseeable future. If you feel, perhaps, a little embarrassed because you need to utilize laser tattoo removal, you are in good company. Here is a list of a few celebrities who have had tattoos removed.

There was a time, many years ago when Angelina Jolie was married to Billy Bob Thorton. To mark the occasion, she had his name tattooed on her arm. Now, current hubby Brad Pitt probably wasn’t a huge fan of this, so she decided to have it removed.

After his divorce from Jennifer Lopez, it only made sense that Marc Anthony had his “Jennifer” tattoo removed.

Even tattoo artist Kat Von D had one of her many tattoos removed. Most notably, the one featuring ex Jesse James.

So there is no shame in giving us a call and scheduling an appointment for laser tattoo removal.