For millions of women, the effects of aging can be quite devastating. Mood swings, night sweats and libido issues can range from mild to debilitating. There are treatments in Greeley that exist, but very few women fully understand the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Here are a few myths that you were lead to believe.

Despite what you may have heard, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy works better with your biological structure and is safer than the synthetic counterparts. You should also know that this industry is regulated in the same way as synthetic hormone treatments.

If you receive the improper levels of hormones, there could be problems. But bioidentical HRT does not cause cancer. The cancers most associated with fluctuations in hormones include breast and uterine. Hormone levels need to be monitored closely to avoid health issues. But the fact is that bioidentical HRT may actually reduce the risk of certain cancers by naturally balancing hormones.

Early treatments of hormone replacement therapy were not individualized and in some cases, blood clots were reported. But this was long ago and modern HRT does not pose a risk of blood clots forming because we now address individual levels and functioning.

Many women think HRT only works when you are suffering from issue associated with menopause, but this is simply not true. Hormone therapy mimics natural biological functions and keeps your hormone levels consistent. This means you may not experience any symptoms of menopause while on treatment.

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