1. Greeley and Fort Collins Residents Who Suffer Unwanted Hair may be Interested in Laser Hair Removal

    Greeley and Fort Collins residents who suffer unwanted hair may be interested in laser hair removal. There may be any number of reasons you are having trouble with excessive hair growth. A distressing, yet harmless, problem many women suffer is hirsutism. Scientists define this condition as ¬†women with excessive growth of hair. It is as simple as that. Places where hair may grow in these women in…Read More

  2. More Reasons Greeley Residents Should Opt for Laser Hair Removal

    We are in the midst of summer and it is likely you are spending quite a bit of time outdoors wearing shorts or skirts to counter the heat. You are probably also wearing short sleeve or even sleeveless shirts in an attempt to build up that tan. If this all rings true, then you probably also spend every morning shaving your legs, underarms and bikini area as these areas are more exposed because of t…Read More

  3. Why Greeley Residents Opt for Laser Hair Removal

    Were you aware that the human body has follicles covering just about every inch of our bodies? The only guaranteed hairless spots on our bodies are the soles of the feet, the lips and the palms of our hands. Yes, this goes for women as well. What this fact means is you are quite able to suddenly grow hair just about anywhere, even this embarrassing spots. This is why Greeley residents opt for lase…Read More

  4. If You Choose Laser Hair Removal at Your Greeley Medical Spa, You will Suffer No Pain

    If you are considering waxing as a way to have that unwanted hair removed, we have some really bad news for you, it will hurt. That is, if you decide to have that unwanted hair removed by way of waxing, then you will suffer pain. But hey, there is some good news. There are some things you can do to reduce the pain you will suffer during a waxing procedure. However, if you choose laser hair removal…Read More

  5. We Invite Greeley Residents to Enjoy Laser Hair Removal

    If you have recently set an appointment for a waxing to remove your unwanted hair, be afraid, be very afraid. Just use that computer in front of you and type in something similar to waxing horror stories and Google will undoubtedly give you pages of the most terrifying experiences people have suffered during a waxing session. If you still don't believe us, then take a few hours of time out of your…Read More

  6. You have Excess Body Hair, All the More Reason to have it Removed at Your Greeley Clinic Utilizing Laser Hair Removal

    You are a man, and this fact is quite obvious to anybody who can see the sheer amount of hair on your body. Perhaps you are a bit insecure because you have excess body hair, all the more reason to have it removed at your Greeley clinic utilizing laser hair removal. But, perhaps you have some body hair, and just can't seem to come up with justification for laser hair removal. Well, we have just sol…Read More

  7. Many Greeley Residents Choose Laser Hair Removal

    For those of you who prefer to stay in the dark ages and shave your legs every day, this article is for you. While many Greeley residents choose laser hair removal as an option for permanent hair removal, you still waste your mornings in the shower with a razor in your hand. So to all women who are slaves to their razors, here are the mistakes you are making. It is understandable that you would wa…Read More

  8. Laser Fat Removal is the Latest and Greatest Procedure to Break into the Greeley Market

    If you are seeking a new and improved way to target fat in those tough places without the need for surgery, then sit back, relax and read on. Laser fat removal is the latest and greatest procedure to break into the Greeley market and it is loved by those who have already utilized it. If you are unsatisfied with that extra belly fat and want to rid yourself that muffin top, a simple hour procedure …Read More

  9. A Brief History Of Hair Removal

    The practice of removing undesirable hair is as old as civilization itself, but we really cannot pinpoint a time when we started removing our unwanted hair. It is a practice that doesn't look as though will be going away any time soon. Today, technology has given us better and more effective ways to rid your body that unwanted hair. For example, our Greeley clinic offers laser hair removal, a pain…Read More

  10. Laser Hair Removal for Greeley Men is Best Utilized for Those Parts Women Want Smooth

    While there are some women who enjoy an evening of running their hands through the thick hair on a man's body, the majority will tell you they prefer their men, um, well-manscaped. That is, most women would rather spend an evening running their hands over a soft, smooth and hairless surface. ¬†Now, that doesn't mean all you guys out there need to come in and have all your body hair removed. Laser …Read More