A new year has begun and you have dug deep into your soul and are gathering up the willpower for a brand new list of resolutions. But what have you learned from past experiences? Well, that a large number of previous resolutions were broken, many in just mere days or weeks into the new year. Some, in just a matter of hours.

And while we admire the fact you are resolving to lose weight, eat healthily and visit Northern Colorado Laser and Skin, your Fort Collins spa, more often, you need to work on ways to ensure you keep your resolutions this year. Here are a few tips on ways you can be more successful in keeping your resolutions.

Be Realistic

One way you can better achieve your goals is if they are realistic. While it would be awesome to lose 30 pounds in one month, you have a better shot at finding a Unicorn grazing in your backyard. The surest way to fall short of a goal is to set the bar way too high.

Instead, you should resolve to lose 30 pounds over the course of several months. Set a goal of losing, say, four pounds a month over the next eight months. This is a goal that is much easier to achieve.

Keep Trying

Every time you shoot for the bullseye, you will miss sometimes. It really doesn’t matter, you will hit it the next time. If you stumble on a resolution, don’t just give up, keep moving forward. There is also no rule that says once you have failed a resolution that you can’t just start over again.

Plan Ahead

All too many people make resolutions on a whim. They wait until 11:45 on New Year’s Eve to come up with what they want to improve in their lives. This ups the chances that when you wake up on New Year’s Day, you immediately blow it off.

Your resolutions should be well thought out in advance, even prepared for if necessary. For example, if you resolve to eat healthy in the new year, you don’t want to wake up New Year’s Day with a kitchen full of Twinkies, Snickers bars and Cherry Garcia ice cream. In the days before New Year’s Eve, clear your kitchen of junk food and have it replaced with fruits and vegetables. This way, you are set up for success.

Take Notes

Keep a written account of your successes and failures. Short-term goals are easier to keep and each accomplishment will help keep you motivated. When you are feeling like you are losing the battle, check your notes and see that you are making progress.

Get Support

Don’t think that you have to do this all on your own. Talk with friends and family members about your resolutions and ask them for help when things get tough. They can help you through the rough times.

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