1. Coolsculpting in Greeley and Fall Fitness

    Now that the warm and long days of summer are just a distant memory and the hectic holiday season looms, you might not feel like heading outside to get a dose of exercise. You shouldn’t let that happen. You have worked far too hard only to backtrack over the holidays. We are a big fan of fall, but too many people would rather sit around watching football and sipping pumpkin-spiced drinks instead…Read More

  2. Massage Therapy in Greeley and Stress

    Stress affects us all. You may notice the symptoms of stress after a difficult day at work, coping with a challenging relationship or managing your finances. Stress is everywhere and it is impossible to avoid. And while some stress in your life is normal, even beneficial to your well-being, too much stress will wear you down, make you sick and make you suffer physically and mentally. Stress is a n…Read More

  3. hormone replacement therapy

    Hormone Replacement Therapy in Greeley and Losing 10 Pounds

    Hormones function as messengers between body systems to regulate everything from metabolism to tissue function to reproduction and mood. That is, hormones tell your body whether you are hungry, stressed, sleepy or feeling a little frisky. Hormones also play a big part of muscle loss and fat storage. So the reason why you are gaining weight might have to do with a hormonal imbalance. Of course, a h…Read More

  4. The Ins and Outs of CoolSculpting – What is It, and What Can You Expect?

    If we're being honest, most of us have 'trouble areas,' or spots on our body we wish were a little more toned, or had a little less fat. All the diet and exercise in the world doesn't always help to get rid of these areas (and you can only eat so many carrot sticks!). While it's always important to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, you shouldn't have to deal with these trouble spots that simpl…Read More

  5. A Trip to Your Greeley or Fort Collins Spa Might be a Good Idea

    By the time you are in high school, it is well-established that your looks have greatly affected your love life and popularity. But it doesn't end there. In fact, your looks will affect your life more than you can imagine and for a very long time. It is also a sad truth that the money you earn and your place on the corporate ladder are often determined by your looks. It is a sad conclusion, but al…Read More

  6. Stress at Work and Massage Therapy

    These days, everyone is the victim of stress, it seems as though there is just no way to avoid it. Your job is crushing your spirit and the people at the grocery store are really getting on your nerves, you are completely stressed out. You are also to blame for your level of stress. You are the one who makes too many commitments to complete in the day and you are the one who won't go to bed at a d…Read More

  7. People Who Should Make an Appointment With Their Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic in Greeley

    We realize that some people get tattoos because the meaning behind them might be on a much deeper level than say a unicorn on your ankle or a skull on your chest. In fact, your tattoo could have an important meaning which could be cultural or spiritual. Now, we are fine with some tattoos, but we also see many people who should make an appointment with their laser tattoo removal clinic in Greeley. …Read More

  8. Go With Vitamin B12 Injections at Your Fort Collins or Greeley Medical Spa

    Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that is critical in maintaining good health. And it is this very reason why so many people choose it to supplement their diet or to go with vitamin B12 injections at your Fort Collins or Greeley medical spa. You might be wondering if there are benefits in getting vitamin B12 shots, read on and you will find out. What You Need To Know Vitamin B12 is a naturally o…Read More

  9. You Have Decided to Utilize Laser Hair Removal with Your Greely Spa

    So, you finally decided to take advantage of hair removal technology, good for you. You have decided to utilize laser hair removal with your Greeley spa. It's about time. Before you grab your iPhone and make an appointment, there are a few things about laser hair removal you need to know. So read on. You are tired of getting up early just to shave. So you hit the snooze button and wind up showing …Read More

  10. You Head to Your Fort Collins or Greeley Spa for Skin Rejuvenation Treatments to Make Yourself Look Younger

    You head to your Fort Collins or Greeley spa for skin rejuvenation treatments to make yourself look younger and feel better about yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look younger through treatments available at a spa. But it is just as important that you begin to practice ways and habits that will help keep your good complexion. That is, after a spa treatment or procedure, don't take …Read More