1. Laser Hair Removal in Greeley and the Men Who Dare to Try It

    Laser Hair Removal in Greeley and the Men Who Dare to Try It

    So you have decided to brave the waxing experience. For whatever reason, probably a hot date or your girlfriend or wife is making you do it, you have decided to endure the pain and shame of having your unwanted hair ripped from the follicles of your skin. You break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of hot wax being smeared on your back, chest and wherever you have unwanted hair. You fear it …Read More

  2. Reasons to Employ Laser Hair Removal in Fort Collins

    To manscape or not to manscape; that is the question. Manscaping has been pretty straightforward and mainstream for quite some time. This is evident because we see references to it in movies and more and more men are visiting their laser hair removal clinics in Fort Collins and Greeley. In fact, the demand for laser hair removal for men is pretty high. But this got us to wonder a little more ab…Read More

  3. 3 Reasons Laser Hair Removal is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For

    When most people think about laser hair removal, vanity and aesthetic reasons are usually the first things that come to mind. Unfortunately, that’s not often enough to make us ‘take the plunge’ and give it a try. But, there are so many additional benefits to this method that most people don’t immediately think about. If you’ve considered laser hair removal in the past, but are curious as…Read More

  4. Make Sure You Take a Trip to Your Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Greeley Before the Big Date

    Your palms are sweaty and your left eye is twitching uncontrollably, you must be going on a first date. Not to sound cliche, but our best advice is to not think about it so much. Of course, we also hope you have given it at least some thought. That is, there are just certain things you must do before you head out to pick up your date. It's important to understand just what you are in for and mor…Read More

  5. Get With the Times and Set an Appointment With Your Greeley Laser Hair Removal Spa

    Get With the Times and Set an Appointment With Your Greeley Laser Hair Removal Spa

    There are any number of ways in which you can remove that unwanted hair from your body. But if you are still shaving, plucking or waxing, you need to get with the times and set an appointment with your Greeley laser hair removal spa. Look, we post an articles about laser hair removal often because there are still people out there who just can't seem to get over the old ways of hair removal. Stop s…Read More

  6. You Have Decided to Utilize Laser Hair Removal with Your Greely Spa

    So, you finally decided to take advantage of hair removal technology, good for you. You have decided to utilize laser hair removal with your Greeley spa. It's about time. Before you grab your iPhone and make an appointment, there are a few things about laser hair removal you need to know. So read on. You are tired of getting up early just to shave. So you hit the snooze button and wind up showing …Read More

  7. The Fastest Growing Method of Hair Removal for Greeley and Fort Collins Residents is Laser Hair Removal

    Hair removal is a time-consuming, often painful daily routine for many men and women. While traditional methods of hair removal such as tweezing, waxing and shaving are effective in removing your unwanted hair, they are certainly no long-term solutions for the removal of hair. And let's not forget about the cuts, burns, ingrown hairs and bumps associated with these hair removal methods. But advanc…Read More

  8. Greeley and Fort Collins Residents Who Suffer Unwanted Hair may be Interested in Laser Hair Removal

    Greeley and Fort Collins residents who suffer unwanted hair may be interested in laser hair removal. There may be any number of reasons you are having trouble with excessive hair growth. A distressing, yet harmless, problem many women suffer is hirsutism. Scientists define this condition as  women with excessive growth of hair. It is as simple as that. Places where hair may grow in these women in…Read More

  9. More Reasons Greeley Residents Should Opt for Laser Hair Removal

    We are in the midst of summer and it is likely you are spending quite a bit of time outdoors wearing shorts or skirts to counter the heat. You are probably also wearing short sleeve or even sleeveless shirts in an attempt to build up that tan. If this all rings true, then you probably also spend every morning shaving your legs, underarms and bikini area as these areas are more exposed because of t…Read More

  10. In Addition to Laser Hair Removal Treatments, Laser Fat Removal Treatments and Skin Rejuvenation for Our Greeley Clients, We Also Offer Hormone Replacement Therapy

    In addition to laser hair removal treatments, laser fat removal treatments and skin rejuvenation for our Greeley clients, we also offer hormone replacement therapy. Our therapy consists of bioidentical hormones, a non-synthetic, plant-based hormone that is identical biologically to the human hormone. There are numerous benefits associated with hormone replacement therapy, here are just a few. The …Read More