1. Laser Hair Removal in Fort Collins and Keeping Your Resolutions

    As we all probably know by experience, making a New Year's resolution is an easy enough task, it's sticking to it that is so difficult. People have been making, and breaking, resolutions for many years, the practice goes back thousands of years. And knowing human nature, it will continue for thousands of more years. The odds are not very good for those who do make New Year's resolutions, only abou…Read More

  2. Having Laser Vein Treatment at Your Greeley Spa Will Give You Confidence

    There was a time, long ago, when there were very few benefits to having varicose veins treated. The treatments included vein stripping, which was very invasive and suffered a low rate of success. And the folks who had this done suffered the pain of surgery and recovery and even if it was a success, it lasted for only a short period of time before more veins would show up. But today we have new way…Read More

  3. Reasons Why So Many Men and Women Seek Laser Vein Treatment at Their Fort Collins Medical Spa

    Varicose veins are as unattractive as they are uncomfortable. This is the main reason why so many men and women seek laser vein treatment at their Fort Collins medical spa. In the past, treatment for varicose veins meant painful surgery with significant downtime. But modern technology makes varicose vein treatment far easier. Concentrated laser energy is used to eliminate varicose veins and is pre…Read More